The Bolt Card Wallet

Tap'n'go / Contactless payments for the lightning network

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Run your own Hub
Set up your Bold Card Hub on Umbrel
Set up your Bold Card Hub Manually

Bolt Card PoS

Lightning enabled Point of Sale app. Compatible with all bolt cards.

  • Connects to your own LND node through the LNBits LNDHub extension
  • Compatible with all major bolt cards
  • Quick setup - just scan your LNDHub Invoice QR code.
  • Supports most FIAT currencies for quick value conversion
  • Check recent transactions and scan receipt QR code to check if a transaction was paid.
  • See our Github repo for more info
Download for Android   Download for iOS

Bolt Card Wallet Features & Requirements

Essentially a fork of Bluewallet with the other wallets stripped out, and the custodial lightning wallet modified to work with a fork of the lndhub we are calling the bolt card hub

Connect and Disconnect

The app allows you to connect and disconnect a bolt card (NXP NTAG424 card) to your bolt card wallet

Bring Your Node

Connect to your own LND node using bolt card hub, or use a node that you trust

Host Cards for your friends and family

You can connect one card per wallet and create multiple wallets on one device

Android and iOS!

Download for android and iOS now, precompiled APKs for android available in the github repo




This template came with a pricing section so I've filled it out

Legacy Paywave

2%cost per TX

  • Additional Fees
  • Only works with FIAT money
  • Your payments are surveiled
  • Freedom
  • Store of Value
2nd Best

Scan a QR Code


  • Less convenient
  • Still Better than FIAT
  • Not as cool as a bolt card
  • No internet? Ruh Roah
  • Dropped your phone? Damn

LNURLw withdrawal with an NXP NTAG424 card

Tapping your bolt card authorises a one time withdrawal payment to the merchants point of sale device.

  • Faster than opening your app and scanning a QR code
  • Compatible with existing lighting wallets / PoS such as Breez, Voltage, LNBits Tpos and BTCPayServer, more to come...
  • No additional cost for tap'n'go payments - unlike the legacy payments system.
  • Run a hub for your family or community
  • Run your own hub to use your own node for maximum sovereignty
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Bolt Card Wallet Setup

Get started with an Android device

Bolt Card Hub Setup

Set up your own self custodial Bolt Card Hub connected to your own LND lightning node

NEWAlso - Check out our one-click install for your umbrel